Don't Drink Enough Water? Take Our 7-Day Hydration Challenge!

Staying hydrated is the foundation of good health. When your body doesn't get the amount of water it needs, it can suffer both short-term and long-term consequences, from fatigue to even kidney failure. But we also understand that nobody wants to be dehydrated, and for many of us, it's often a force of habit. For example, you may start your day off with coffee and not even get your first sip of water until lunchtime.

To help make the task part of your routine, we've come up with a seven-day challenge to get your water intake on track. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Here's how you can get there each day.

  • Day One: Set hourly reminders on your phone. It might sound excessive, but if you normally go all day without drinking water, it's totally necessary.
  • Day Two: Infuse your water for flavor. Add your favorite fruits and/or herbs, like cucumbers and mint, to make water a little more fun to drink.
  • Day Three: Make it a competition. Challenge a friend or coworker to see who can drink the most water by the end of the day. Keep track in your bullet journal or through apps like My Water Balance.
  • Day Four: Substitute your usual beverages for H2O. Any time you'd normally grab a coffee, soda, or juice, opt for water instead. And if that's just not realistic for you, double the amount in water (for example, drink two cups of water for every one cup of coffee).
  • Day Five: Add time markers. Use a permanent marker on a disposable bottle to indicate how much you should drink by a certain time. That way, you'll see if you're behind or on track each time you pick up your bottle.
  • Day Six: Follow your body's natural routine. Have a glass as soon as you wake up, each time you use the restroom, before every meal, and before you go to bed.
  • Day Seven: Reward yourself with a new water bottle and stay hydrated!