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Barre Ab Workout

A Barre Workout For Sexy Abs

Love barre workouts? This simple sequence from Self will help you get the ultimate barre body.

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Last October we told you about the innovative lighting system at Barre Bee Fit, a Chicago­-based barre studio with cardio, strength training, and restorative classes designed specifically for women. The popular studio has rapidly expanded in the past year, announcing this Summer that it is rebranding as The Barre Code.

The studio's tech improvements are pretty impressive. "We've integrated a number of technological components in order to ensure uniformity from one studio location to the next, including drop­-down cameras, so we can easily check in on our various locations across the country; an online video portal, which allows us to store hundreds of pre­taped classes to assign to instructors on a weekly basis; and an iPad application that controls lighting, volume, and music for an on­-brand experience during every class," said co­founder Ariana Chernin.

The studios can now be found in 12 locations nationwide (and recently signed on nine franchise locations, including one in Washington DC). Even if you don't have a location nearby, you can still sculpt your midsection with this oblique routine. Repeat this entire sequence five times for sexy abs, stat!

1. Oblique Knee Pull


Start standing, feet hip width apart. Step your right foot back on a diagonal and reach your arms up and to the left. Tighten the core and use your lowest abdominal muscles to drive your right knee into your chest as you pull down with the arms. Repeat for 30 seconds on one side, and then switch and do 30 seconds on the other side. Take it to the next level by adding a hop and seeing how fast you can go while maintaining good form and stability.

2. Side Plank Leg Lift


Start in a side plank, right elbow down and directly underneath the shoulder. Lift through the hips and out of the shoulder, engaging the obliques. Take your left hand high toward the ceiling.


Then slowly lower the right hip and right leg to the ground, keeping the left leg stacked over the right. Keep lifted out of the right shoulder and drive the left elbow into the waist as you lift the left leg. Lower the leg and lift the hips, returning to the side plank position. Repeat 30 times, and then switch sides.

3. L Crunch


Start seated with the legs out long, toes pointed. Raise the right leg and grab behind your calf or thigh.


Engage the core and tuck under as you bend the right knee and crunch in, and then release and extend the right leg long again. Keep the chin off the chest and the gaze high and long. Repeat 30 times on the right side, and then switch sides.

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