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A Beachbody Trainer's Favorite Moves For Arms

Get Sculpted, Sexy Arms For Summer With These Beachbody-Trainer-Approved Moves

A Beachbody Trainer's Favorite Moves For Arms

With so much skin showing during the Summer — tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and bikinis, to name a few — you may be looking to tone up your arms and show off your muscles. Luckily, we tapped Joel Freeman, Beachbody super trainer and creator of the new lifting program called LIIFT4, for some of his favorite moves to strengthen and tone your arms.

Some of these moves require dumbbells (Joel recommends five to 20 pounds for women), or you can use resistance bands; the LIIFT4 program, available on the fitness streaming platform Beachbody On Demand, shows variations for exercises with dumbbells and resistance bands. Other exercises just require your bodyweight.

Joel also recommends doing three sets of 10 reps for each exercise. "If you're doing three sets of 10, then usually by the eighth rep, you're starting to feel it," he told POPSUGAR. "You feel it's getting a little heavy. And then as you get into the third set, you're really starting to fatigue to the point where once you get to that 30th rep of all three sets, you're very happy it's over."

Take a look at some of Joel's favorite moves for sexy, sculpted arms. The best part? If you have resistance bands or a set of dumbbells at home, you can do these right in the comfort of your living room.

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