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Biggest Fears When Going to the Gym

8 Things You Shouldn’t Give a Sh*t About While at the Gym

The gym is not a runway and, contrary to popular belief, all eyes are not on you. But let's be real, we're all human and we all get a little self-conscious sometimes — especially if you're not a gym veteran. Even still, there's something awesome about not giving a sh*t. So the next time that you walk into the gym to crush your workout, leave any of these worries at the door.

1. If you're not in good shape . . . yet

That's the whole reason that you're at the gym, isn't it? You're working to get there, so good for you, and go make it happen!

2. What you're wearing

Unless you're that weird dude wearing jeans (everyone knows that guy at their gym), then no one cares if you don't have Nike's. It's all about what you can do.

3. If you're not totally sure what you're doing

A new weight machine can be low-key intimidating. Just look at the picture demonstration on the side or ask one of the people who work there for help — it's their job, after all!

4. How much you're sweating

Newsflash! You would look out of place if you weren't dripping in sweat.

5. What your hair looks like

If your hair actually looks good, you're not working out to your full potential.

6. Who's looking at you

Let them look, because it obviously means that they're not into whatever they're doing.

7. If someone is running faster/lifting more/going longer than you

The gym is all about personal goals. So if you're fixated on what everyone else is doing, you'll never make any progress.

8. If you snap the occasional gym selfie

Now, if you're posting a new picture every day, expect to be judged. Harshly. But documenting your progress is something to be proud of!

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