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Body Positive Books

9 Body Positive Books That'll Shape Your Self-Loving Journey

Body Positive Books

Body positivity (or 'bo-po') has been gaining momentum and inching into mainstream conversations. Loving yourself and your body may sound simple, but sometimes we all need serious lessons in self-love. We still live in a culture that equates thinness with worth and teaches women (and all of us) that we should critique, control, and fear our bodies.

I've had my own struggles with disordered eating and learning to accept — and maybe even love — my body. My memoir, Feast: True Love in and out of the Kitchen is about my recovery from anorexia and binge eating and my windy path to making peace with food and my body, while working my way through restaurants and grocery stores.

I had to untangle a genuine love for food with an unhealthy, destructive obsession. It's been a long journey, and I'm not reaching the finish line any time soon, but I'm glad I have these books on my shelf for when the going gets tough. They tell stories of struggle, acceptance, and ultimately empowerment. They remind us that we're not alone, and that beauty looks a lot like honesty, courage, and love.

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