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Booty Band Butt Exercises

Grab a Booty Band and Try 6 Glute Exercises This Trainer Swears By

Booty Band Butt Exercises

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The first fitness equipment I ever asked my parents to get me for Hanukkah was a pair of booty bands — I kept seeing trainers and celebrities post about their glute gains and trusted bands that made moves 10 times harder without the dumbbells. (Then, I asked for ankle weights, which is a story for another time.) Ever since, I've gone through a few brands, and stand by my decision.

Bailey Ducommun, NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Body Fit Balance, LLC, told POPSUGAR that adding a booty band is a great way to intensify glute exercises. The resistance will, she said, make you feel a burn like no other. We asked her to give us her favorite moves using these bands, and she came through with six!

"What I love most about these exercises is that they can be done in their own little circuit at home if you're low on time, or you can add them in before or after a workout for a warmup as glute activation or for a killer finisher," she explained. If you're doing these as a short circuit, she suggested completing two to three sets of each move. Ahead, check them out; plus, you'll find Bailey's all-time favorite booty band that's virtually snap-proof.

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