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People Have a LOT of Feelings About The New York Times's Brussels Sprouts Sliders

Brussels sprouts are one of the most crowd-pleasing sides during the holidays, but one recipe from The New York Times has people talking — and not in a good way. The Times published a recipe for Brussels Sprouts Sliders, which you might at first envision as traditional burger sliders with roasted or shredded brussels sprouts on top (yum!). But no, these "sliders" have a tempeh filling enclosed in two halved brussels sprouts acting as the buns. While the recipe has a four-star rating out of 180 reviews and does sound pretty tasty (hello, garlic-tamari marinade), Twitter users couldn't help but find it a little . . . funny.

The NYT describes the appetizer as, "A creative and fun way to enjoy a great Fall and Winter vegetable: crunchy 'buns' of roasted brussels sprouts with a tasty middle — a confit of caramelized onions, tangy mustard and savory tempeh." Surely this recipe would appeal to plenty of people out there, but take a look at some of the humorous responses from people who are giving it a hard pass.

If you're looking for an exciting brussels sprouts recipe that's not quite as unexpected, try low-carb bacon and brussels sprouts skewers.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry
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