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Look, I love wine as much as the next person, and let me be clear by saying that I am not trying to shame anyone into drinking less. But it also doesn't hurt to get a reality check once in a while. Red wine in particular can be part of a healthy diet, but you may want to reconsider your nightly glass if your goal is fat loss. Online personal trainer Graeme Tomlinson posted a graphic on Instagram showing what one glass of wine per day equates to by the end of the month: 18 cheeseburgers or 26 Kit Kat Chunky bars. Crazy, right?

"If we put daily consumption of a glass of wine into this scenario of daily, weekly, and monthly calorie intake geared towards fat loss, this one glass could actually negate a big chunk of your calorie deficit," he wrote in his caption. "If you do need it . . . fair play. You'll just have to adjust something else instead. But what this graphic does highlight is that over time, small entities of calories accumulate to affect the big picture."

This doesn't mean you should cut out alcohol altogether (though it would only benefit you). The recommended weekly allowance is five 175 ml glasses of wine to stay within healthy boundaries. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite wine — just keep in mind that "only one glass a night" adds up.

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