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Cannabis Skin Balm Blind Test

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Cannuka

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tom Medvedich

Anyone's skin can benefit from products that soothe, heal, and soften. We've partnered with Cannuka to introduce a skin balm made from unexpected ingredients that'll make you want to buy now.

Yes, it's true: the cannabis revolution is back. Only this time, it's not the same one your parents probably lived through. Born from the wellness-focused lifestyles of mindful millennials is an emphasis on natural ingredients that are as good for the earth as they are for your mind and body. That's where cannabis comes in.

First, the clever use of this ingredient's healing properties took over our obsession with essential oils. Now it's here to change our beauty routines, too. Enter Cannuka, a family-owned skincare brand with a mission to relieve common skin woes — like irritation and inflammation — by marrying cannabis and manuka honey. A closer look at the ingredients in its unique skincare line reveals that two forms of cannabis are included: cannabidiol (commonly known as CBD) and hemp seed oil, a nonpsychoactive derivative of the plant. To complement the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich properties in these skin-protecting ingredients, manuka honey is sourced from New Zealand to make healing magic happen.

But it's one thing to hear about the intriguing benefits of this innovative formula; we wanted to know how they really worked. The perfect way to find out? A blind test on a few of our staffers! Because trying unfamiliar products is practically part of the job here at POPSUGAR, our unknowing staffers didn't suspect a thing. Read on to learn their first impression of Cannuka's star multitasking product, the CBD Healing Skin Balm, and find out how they reacted once we revealed the secret ingredient. Hint: it's now a total must-have in their beauty routines.