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Excuses For Not Working Out

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Sometimes you need a bit of motivation to work out, which is why we partnered with C9 Champion to share silly excuses we all make instead of hitting the gym.

Everyone has days where working out is at the absolute bottom of your must-do list — and we can commiserate. But we all know once you get up and start moving, you feel instantly better. Once your heart rate jumps up, your body actually courses feel-good chemicals throughout your body, leaving you feeling so much better than when you waste time with silly excuses. So, for your amusement, we polled our editors on all the ridiculous reasons they use for skipping a workout. Here are the winners of workout procrastination.

  1. I'll start tomorrow. REALLY.
  2. I had a long day at work. I deserve a glass of wine instead.
  3. Changing before and then showering after working out takes too long.
  4. I'll mess up my hair.
  5. I forgot my water bottle.
  6. The dogs have been alone all day . . . If I go and work out, they'll feel abandoned!
  7. I walked to and from the office today. Isn't that a workout in itself? (Spoiler alert: it's not.)
  8. It's dark outside, and I could get attacked! (Said by someone who lives in an extremely safe suburb.)
  9. I'm so out of shape that I don't want others to see me struggling.
  10. Why would I run if there's nobody chasing me?
  11. But Downton Abbey (or insert show name here) is on tonight, and we don't have a DVR!
  12. I just got my hair done. Seriously, if I paid money for a style, I'm not going to sweat it out. That means no working out for at least a week.
  13. I had a salad for lunch. It balances out, right?
  14. My car broke down. (Said by someone who doesn't even own one.)
  15. I need sleep more than the exercise right now.
  16. I'm having a really good hair day!
  17. I'm going out later . . . I don't want to get too sweaty and get ready all over again.
  18. I have to walk a lot tomorrow. I don't want to be sore.
  19. I'll just watch one more episode of Parks and Recreation before I head to the gym.
  20. I don't want to ruin my nails.
  21. My stomach is full.
  22. I'm too sore. So that means I'm still working my muscles, right?
  23. My period is coming . . . As in, it's not here yet, but it's definitely close, and all I want to do is eat chocolate cake!
  24. I worked out yesterday.
  25. Work is too busy.
  26. I'm going to miss the bus, so I might as well just skip it.
  27. I should go to happy hour to bond with my co-workers.
  28. My favorite class has a sub, and I might not like his style.
  29. I could go to the gym, but if I do, I won't get home until 8 p.m., and that's too late for dinner.
  30. I hit snooze too many times, and now I'll be late.
  31. It's dark out.
  32. It's my "rest" day.
  33. I don't want to wash my hair today.
  34. A glass of red wine may or may not be the equivalent of going to the gym.
  35. The gym will be too crowded.
  36. I forgot something I "need," like a hair tie.
  37. I'm not a member of a gym and don't know where to join (there's a gym in the building where I work).
  38. I play with my kid all the time — that's the same as working out, right?
  39. I don't feel like having to talk to anyone at the gym.
  40. I've been pretty healthy all week — and taken the stairs! I don't really need to exercise.
  41. I have to go grocery shopping.
  42. I just got a standing desk at work. That's enough to keep me in shape, right?

So, as you can see, we have all used so many excuses, several of which are completely invalid reasons for not working out. Challenge yourself to get up and do something active — I'm going to too. Just after I wash my hair.

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