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How to Deal With Election Stress

Election-Related Stress Got You Feeling Down? Here’s How to Cope

There's no denying that this year's presidential election has been unlike any other. Shocking recordings have surfaced, pre-debate handshakes have been avoided, and accusations have flown. Regardless of political affiliation, the election has caused a serious amount of stress for Americans everywhere — 52 percent of us, to be more precise. A survey recently conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed that slightly more than half of Americans documented the election as a "very or somewhat significant source of stress." Election Stress Disorder is officially a thing, ladies and gents. #America

People around the country are dealing with this tension in their own ways. Some choose to tweet away their worries and frustrations, while others get involved in Facebook arguments about the candidates with long-lost high school classmates. And others — myself included — look to the pantry. Food has become a solace of mine amid the election-related madness, and I recently discovered that I'm not the only one. These tweets prove that stress eating has become a norm among election followers.

The Freshman 15 has nothing on the "Trump 10."

Limited edition: only available while supplies last.

When life hands you stress, tacos are there for you.

RIP yoga pants.

The debates caused the stress-eating phenomenon to reach full-blown crisis status.

Someone just wake me up when it's over.

BRB stocking up on matzo balls before tonight's results are released.

Looks like November is going to be full of feasts . . . nice knowin' ya, diet.

If we can all come together to agree on one thing, it's this.

With the highly anticipated election finally happening today, it seems as though stress levels are at an all-time high. Here are three quick ways to cope while the results roll in (and no, stress eating an entire bag of Cheetos isn't one of them . . . ).

1. Take a Meditation Break

When you're 12 Facebook comments deep in an argument with a Trump supporter, just step away from the computer to clear your head — the meditation app 10% Happier even went as far as creating guided meditations specifically for the election itself. If executed correctly, there are so many benefits to mediation. The key is completely unplugging so you can find your focus and walk away feeling renewed and refreshed.

2. Do a Little Downward Dog

Grab your yoga mat and try out one of these stress-banishing poses. Concentrate on breathing in the good vibes and breathing out the negativity. Besides strengthening your muscles and improving your balance, yoga does wonders for your mental well-being.

3. Try a Stress-Reducing Workout

If yoga and meditation don't float your boat, this stress-relieving workout may be more up your alley. Turn up the jams, get your heart pumping, and sweat out that stress.

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