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How to Do a Rear Foot Elevated Jump Squat

Get a Medal-Worthy Butt With This Explosive Move

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are almost here! To get us ready for the games, Self shows us an awesome butt-toning move from one of its favorite US team all-stars — hockey player Julie Chu.

Get ready to get fit, Olympian-style!

Want to get a better booty? Take a cue from United States women's ice hockey team forward Julie Chu, who will compete on the U.S. squad for her fourth time in Sochi.

"[My team members] talk about having a 'hockey butt,'" laughs Chu. Seems natural — hockey players are down in a squat position most of the time. "We need that explosiveness to sprint quickly, to get from one place to another," she says.

That's why in Chu's rigorous training on and off the rink, she focuses on core and lower-body moves — 'cause when she's making her way across the ice in a game, someone's usually right on her tail. "We need core strength when we battle for pucks and corners, keeping our balance on the ice on these little blades," says Chu.

But it's worth it: "What I love about hockey is that it's such a dynamic sport," she says. "I love the speed of the game. You have to be able to move quickly."

Try Chu's dynamic move and start working on a fabulous, fit "hockey butt" of your own!

The Move: Rear Foot Elevated Jump Squat

Source: Cheryl Carlin

Position yourself facing away from a weight room bench, chair or other object you can use as a bench with arms by your side. Bend your right leg back so that the laces of your shoe are resting on the bench behind you.

With your supporting leg, squat down 90 degrees (but don't let your knee bend forward past your toes). Then launch upward, driving up with your heel, and throwing arms upward.

Focus on engaging the glute on your supporting leg only. Do 10 reps on each leg. For added difficulty, hold light weights.

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