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How to Sync Your Period With the Moon

It's Easy Enough to Sync Your Period With the Moon — Here's How It's Done

For as long as there's been birth control pills, there's been women timing their period to avoid special occasions like their wedding or a vacation. Some women, though, may be doing so in order to be in tune with the moon as well.

The concept kind of makes sense. By nature, women's bodies and cycles are influenced by lunar stages. It's no coincidence that the length of our menstrual cycles is synced up with the moon, occurring around every 28 days.

But how can we get on the moon's schedule? It's easy. "Figure out when the moon starts and stop taking [birth control pills] three days before in order to start your period when you want it. That's assuming you've taken the pills for 10 days or more — and you've started them with the cycle before," says gynecologist Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh.


But we say forget the moon — try syncing it with your life. "Since we no longer live in times where we need to be exposed to nature, for our cycle to occur on a regular 28-day basis, we can focus on having our period regularly, when we choose," says Dr. Sophia Yen, CEO of Pandia Health.

"If you use the birth control pill or ring, you can make sure you have a period every three weeks or every three months or never," says Dr. Yen.

You can choose how you want to have your period. "To have your period every three weeks, just take the pills as directed (take one pill every week) and the fourth week is either sugar pills or some packs only have three weeks of pills," says Dr. Yen.

To sync your period, you can start the birth control pills and then come off them and you will have a period within one to two days. "It's the drop in hormones that causes the withdrawal bleed," says Dr. Yen.

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