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How to Wear Leggings Every Day

POPSUGAR / Brand Publisher Content By / Fabletics

If you're the kind of girl who ditches her jeans for comfy leggings and a college sweatshirt as soon as you walk through the door, or if you've ever wished it was socially acceptable to go from barre to bar without getting changed, we totally relate. We like to think life would be easier (and maybe the world would be a better place) if we were able to be super cozy 24/7.

Thankfully, Fall is here. And for us, that means leggings season, aka buying as many leggings as humanly possible and wearing them with everything (especially when you get two pairs for $24). As documented supporters of the leggings-as-pants movement, we believe that leggings can (and should) be worn everywhere — all it takes is a little imagination and some inspiration, which we're more than happy to provide.

In the spirit of feeling insanely comfy at every possible moment, we've compiled our five favorite ways to wear leggings this Fall. With the help of our friends at Fabletics (the company famously co-founded by Kate Hudson and makers of the fastest-selling leggings on the planet), we've styled some looks that mean you never have to be without your fave leg attire. If you've ever wondered how to sneak leggings into your work wardrobe, don't worry. We got you.