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Will I Still Have Cellulite If I Lose Weight?

If You're Trying to Lose Weight to Ditch Cellulite, You Need to Hear Tesia's Story

Many women have cellulite. If it's gracing your thighs, butt, or belly, welcome to the cellulite club! Body-positive Tesia Kline recently posted this collage to her Instagram page with a caption about what most people would call a "flaw."

Tesia told POPSUGAR, "This message needs to be put out there." When it comes to cellulite, she's heard it all: "If you just lose weight, you wouldn't have cellulite," and "Just work out and eat right, and it will go away." But Tesia says that the cellulite was still there, even at the leanest she's ever been in her life, weighing 120 pounds and on the stage for a body building competition (as seen in the middle photo).

So if your only purpose in losing weight or working out is to rid your body of cellulite, just know that it may not go away completely, and that's OK! Cellulite is normal and in no way determines your health, your strength, or your self-worth.

Tesia said, "I'm f*cking awesome with or without cellulite, and I will continue to rock this body and live my life to the fullest🤘🏼." Whether you're rocking cellulite, stretch marks, or loose skin, do not let its existence define your happiness.

Remember that "your body hears everything your mind says." Would you make negative comments to your best friend about her cellulite? Of course not! Speak kindly to yourself, and find ways to embrace every part of you, cellulite and all.

Image Source: Tesia Kline
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