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Khloé Kardashian Gym Selfies

Khloé Kardashian's Gym Selfies Prove You Have Way More in Common With Her Than You Think

Holidays, crazy-busy schedules, and life in general getting in the way of your workouts? Khloé Kardashian totally relates! After taking a two-month gym hiatus, she's noticed changes not only in her body, but in her mind as well. We all need regular exercise to stay sane and feel strong and comfortable in our skin. And just like Khloé, when you fall off the healthy train, you just gotta jump right back on.

And if you think celebs look amazingly toned just because they have the money to pay for trainers, equipment, babysitters, and meal plans, Khloé's comment on her gym selfie will change your mind. It proves that all the money and time in the world doesn't get it done for you — motivation to exercise and to eat right still has to come from inside. And some days, it's damn hard! The struggle is real for all of us, celeb or not, and it's reassuring and inspiring to know that.

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