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Link Between Vitamin D and Diabetes

Vitamin D Could Be the Key to Keeping Type 1 Diabetes at Bay

Vitamins are nutrients that have essential functions in the human body, including the release of energy at a cellular level. Like the rest of them, vitamin D has specific jobs in the body, including regulating the body's phosphate and calcium levels and so contributing to dental and bone health. However, according to new research from the Colorado School of Public Health, vitamin D plays an even more vital role to our health, because there are strong indications it can stave off Type 1 Diabetes, the chronic condition usually diagnosed in childhood when the body's production of insulin and ability to regulate blood sugar levels is impaired.

This study's findings suggest higher levels of Vitamin D in childhood prevent the immune system from mistakenly attacking insulin-producing, pancreatic cells, and so lessen the development of Type 1 Diabetes in children. Although the study's findings are specific to childhood, it's still vital that you get an adequate amount of vitamin D every day to ensure the health of your teeth and bones. To enrich your diet with vitamin D, stock up on fatty fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel, beef liver, egg yolks, shiitake mushrooms, and fortified cereals.

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