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Low-Dose CBD and THC Products

4 Cannabis Products That Can Help Manage Your Stress

Low-Dose CBD and THC Products

The following post was originally published on Miss Grass.

When it comes to anxiety, sometimes doing all the right things doesn't do the trick. For those moments, many people turn to low-dose cannabis products to feel more calm than high.

Anxiety plagues some 40 million Americans — a number that only accounts for reported cases, so we can assume it just scratches the surface of the problem. What gives us hope is that anxiety is highly treatable, or at least manageable, most of the time.

It starts with a healthy lifestyle. Everyone needs to exercise often, stay hydrated, eat good food, take time out, be loved, and sleep a lot (or a little, if you're a freak). But those things don't always work. And sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that make doing all that just about impossible — or at least hard enough that you can't be bothered.

So then what?

Well, then there's the doctor, there's the therapist, there are pharmaceuticals, and there's stress leave. But there's also cannabis. And even though some of you associate cannabis with the single most anxious moment of your entire life — yes, that time in college you were glued to the couch — you might want to consider giving it a second chance.

You see, the cannabis product offering is incredibly sophisticated now. There are products that have the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the high, or with nearly undetectable levels of psychoactivity. These low-dose products can work wonders on the bad juju swirling about our insides.

Just like anything, cannabis is *not* a silver bullet. But paired with the rest of the good work you do, you might just be surprised — or you might not notice it at all. Someone else may point it out before you do, and then you can blame it on the moon, because all that matters is that you feel good again.

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