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Man Walks to Walmart Loses Hundreds of Pounds

This Man Lost 330 Pounds By Ditching All the Food in His House

Three years ago, weighing in at 605 pounds, Pasquale "Pat" Brocco, got a wake-up call to lose weight or make funeral arrangements. His doctor said his high cholesterol and high blood pressure could cause him to die in his sleep.

Pat went home and snapped a shirtless selfie, with his belly reaching down to his thighs. "I was disgusted," Pat said. He made a major change by throwing out all the food in his house — not just the junk — everything! He decided that when he was hungry, he would walk one mile to the closest Walmart, buy food, walk one mile back home, then prepare his meal and eat. He did this three times a day and after a year and a half of walking six miles a day, he lost 200 pounds.

He changed his diet too, ditching fast food and soda, and choosing foods like vegetables, meat, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, and steel-cut oats. Pat said, "Once I figured out dairy was my downfall, I took it out of my diet, and instantly I started losing weight again." He traded walks to Walmart for incline walks on a treadmill, lifting weights, and using machines — this was a huge milestone because at over 600 pounds, Pat recounts, "I didn't fit on the machines."

Now with a total weight loss of 330 pounds, he's training to be a bodybuilder and his old nickname of "Fat Pat" is no more. Say hello to "Possible Pat." With tears in his eyes he said, "I'm setting an example for my son so he can be Possible Pat too."

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