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Mermaid Gym Classes Are a Thing Apparently — and Are About to Get Real Popular

It seems like people will stop at nothing these days to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. So when we heard about this new fitness trend called mermaid workouts, we were slightly confused but also very intrigued. Read on to find out what exactly these workouts entail (pun intended) and why people are so excited about them in this post originally featured on JustLuxe.

Image Source: Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

Yogalates, Zumba, underwater yoga and even the sexually suggestive shake weight have all been big fitness trends, so it's safe to say people are more than willing to try out anything for the sake of losing a few pounds. But this new exercise routine might just be the strangest (and coolest) of them all. All around the world, women are donning monotails, taking to the water and attempting the mermaid workout. Cue the Ariel puns.

Schools have opened in the Philippines, Germany, Thailand, Florida, Hawaii and most recently in Montreal that are teaching girls, women and even a few men, how to flip their way to a better body. A take on the dolphin kick, the mermaid workout allows girls to live their Disney fantasy while promoting good exercise habits, not to mention giving those abs a serious workout. And we'll be honest — we sort of want to be little mermaids too.


One of the first schools to offer this type of water training was the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Boracay, founded in 2012. Established by Anamie Saenz, she teaches classes in hopes it will catch on and become the new fitness craze for "mermaids" of all ages. "Olympic swimmers use the monofin to train butterfly and freedivers use it for records. Mermaid swimming is all about the core — the power comes from there because you are gyrating all day," she explains in the South China Morning Post.

While some locations offer the full fairytale experience complete with makeovers and beachside photo shoots (Prince Eric not included), others focus on the workout and creating a space that is fun and educational for young girls. "I feel most little girls just dream about being a little mermaid," Marielle Chartier-Henault, founder of the Aquamermaid Academy in Montreal, explains to CTV News. "It's more than just a swimming school. For me, it was really a dream."

Image Source: Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy

But are people actually willing to don a glittery pink tail and flop around in the water just for the sake of getting better abs? It seems like it. Mermaid schools are popping up around the world, and more than a few JustLuxe staffers seemed pretty eager to try the Ariel-inspired workout in lieu of their spin classes. Plus, since swimming is one of the best workouts for the body, we can only imagine how the ab-focused class would give us a glorious Shakira-worthy stomach. And we can do it all without making any voice altering deals with Ursula.

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