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Nature Made Vitamin Recall June 2016

Even Vitamins Are Not Safe From Food Recalls

A vitamin a day might improve your health, but if you're taking Nature Made products, they might send you to the doctor. Pharmavite, the manufacturer of Nature Made, announced a massive recall of several products yesterday for potential salmonella and staph contamination. Out of "an abundance of caution," Pharmavite issued a recall for four adult gummy multivitamins. A detailed chart below shows exactly which ones.

Pharmavite also recalled two other products — one for hair, skin, and nails and the other for vitamin D. However, those products were not contaminated and the manufacturer did not release a reason for their recall. People who have purchased these products will receive a full refund when they are returned to the retailer. Make sure to check your labels; the affected lot numbers can be found on the back next to the expiration date.

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