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Pitaya Bowl Recipes

The New Breakfast Trend You Need to Try Immediately

Pitaya Bowl Recipes
Image Source: Eating Bird Food

Fun to say and even more fun to eat: the pitaya bowl. Reminiscent of an acai bowl, this trendy breakfast is made from pitaya (aka dragon fruit), which is packed with immunity-boosting vitamins, can improve weight loss, and aids in prevention of high blood pressure. With a bright-magenta hue that's 100-percent natural, these beautiful bowls make an antioxidant-rich, filling, and pretty meal that's definitely Instagram approved.

It looks fancy, but it's so easy to make your own and customize it with your favorite toppings. The basic recipe combines pink dragon fruit, a liquid such as unsweetened almond milk, and a handful of frozen fruit like berries or mango. You can either use fresh pitaya or the popular Pitaya Plus smoothie packs (organic, raw, GMO-free pitaya) available at many health-food stores. Follow this basic recipe, and then read on for even more inspiration to make the most delicious and vibrant versions.

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