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Skinny to Fit Before and After

She Gained 21 Pounds but Went From Skinny to Fit

Florina has changed into a completely different person and says, "Can you believe I had more body fat on my left photo then the right photo?!?" She admits to being "skinny fat" and points out that just because you're thin and not overweight "doesn't mean you can eat anything you want and think you are healthy."

The 119-pound woman on the left dealt with more health problems, and Florina says that now that she's fit, strong, and taking better care of herself, and 140 pounds, she hasn't been sick in years. Her advice? "So don't strive on being skinny, strive on being healthy." Eat nourishing foods, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and don't worry about what the scale says, because a lower number isn't always better.

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