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Underwater Yoga Instagram Photos

Dive Into the Breathtaking Yoga Trend Taking Over Instagram

Underwater Yoga Instagram Photos

Behold the beautiful (literally, breathtaking) sport of underwater yoga. Enwrapped in beautiful, clear blue water of the ocean (or hey, the local swimming pool), these water lovers prove that when submerged, it's possible to stretch further than ever before. Though it may not seem like the easiest activity to take up for fun, embracing the underwater ohm allows yogis to really dive into the practice.

The support of the water helps to relax the body and mind, and it supports the joints and eases the strain to reach new poses. Plus, there is an unexpected elegance and beauty that comes from this underwater experience. So, if you feel ready to embrace your inner mermaid, dive into the stunning practice that soothes the body and quiets the mind – we say namaste to that.

Source: Instagram

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