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Unicorn Yoga Calendar

This Magical Unicorn Yoga Calendar Will Instantly Make You Feel Blissed Out

Even the most magical creature needs to take some time to chill, and these unicorns are taking bliss to a whole new level. In this unicorn yoga calendar ($11), you can see your favorite mystical being doing classic yoga poses like a handstand, boat pose, and firefly that show off their vibrant rainbow tail and mane. You or the unicorn-lover in your life will instantly be transformed to a state of innocence and pure delight as you feast your eyes on these gorgeous unique creatures; it's sure to inspire you to bust out a pose on the mat.

If you or anyone you know lives for all things unicorn, this yoga calendar will make the perfect hilarious-yet-practical gift. This is an 18-month calendar, which means 18 images of unicorns doing yoga who couldn't get more magical if they tried. Pick one up for the yogi in your life who can use a dose of dazzling serenity at the office, school, or in their kitchen.

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