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Wellness Mother's Day Gifts

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We've partnered with Fitbit to help you find the perfect gift for the fitness-obsessed moms in your life. Trust us: these options are much more exciting than flowers and a card.

When Mother's Day rolls around, it's tempting to fall back on the old standby gifts of a fresh bouquet or sweet card. But after years of the usual presents, the moms in your life might be ready for something new.

You can't go wrong with flowers, but a gift that truly fits your mom's personality will make her smile more than any bouquet could. To help you find the perfect present for the health-and-wellness-obsessed moms in your life, we asked fitness coach and new mom Anna Renderer to share some of the gifts she has on her list this year. Whether the mom you're shopping for loves hitting the gym or just wants to find more time for self-care, she's sure to be delighted by any of these wellness gifts.