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What Is a Crystal Light Bath?

I Experienced a Crystal Light Bath, and Here's What Happened

When I got the opportunity to experience a crystal light bath treatment, I had no idea what to expect. Would there be water? Would I be showered in amethyst? Ouch. To answer both those questions, the energy-healing treatment involved crystals, color, light, and vibration — and neither of what I had originally anticipated. I met with Mytrae Meliana, a sound and energy healer and a women's empowerment teacher, in a beautifully lit room in San Francisco's Marina district, where I received my first crystal light bath. Before I climbed onto a comfortable massage table, I was instructed to set an intention and to let it go. I then spent the next 45 minutes with my eyes closed as a crystal-pronged apparatus stood over me.

The machine was quiet, but its colorful lights flickered throughout the treatment. Mytrae explained how crystals can amplify intention, thought, and emotion, and that by the very end of my session I would feel restored and at peace. Unexpectedly, I quickly fell into a deep sleep, which is apparently very common. Though everyone's experience varies, some report feeling tingling sensations or emotional release.

According to Mytrae, who was introduced to this work by a spiritual healer from Brazil in 2009, a crystal light bath can have the following benefits:

  • It can cleanse, rejuvenate, and align your chakras.
  • It can clear and balance your energy field.
  • It can heal you on an emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, and karmic level.
  • It can provide you with insight, guidance, and soul perspective.
  • It can restore balance, harmony, joy, and peace.
  • It can build and evolve your crystalline.

The apparatus featured seven polished Vogel quartz crystals and are set to suspend above your seven chakras, or energy center. "Vogel crystals, cut to the teachings of Marcel Vogel, are specially cut to attract, amplify, and transmit the Universal Light Force into your energy fields, including chakras and meridians," Mytrae told POPSUGAR. Vogel was a research scientist who worked at IBM for 27 years, where he realized that crystals have the ability to amplify energy fields. But long before then, crystals had been used for ages by shamans and healers and continue to be used for healing today. "Our body is 90 percent water, which is crystalline in nature — there's a direct resonance," Mytrae said. And because crystals can absorb and emit energy, they're able to help release anything that wasn't originally part of our "cellular blue print."

The seven chakras' functions include:

  1. Grounds and centers.
  2. Deals with sexuality and creativity.
  3. Deals with power and will.
  4. Relates to the heart, love, empathy, and compassion.
  5. Relates to communication and self-expression.
  6. Relates to insight and intuition.
  7. Connects to spirit.

The experience is meant to serve as a release. Whether your energy blocks are caused by stress, environmental toxins, or emotion or mental distress, a crystal light bath is said to promote better energy flow between your body and the universe. And because it helps broadcast your intention, Mytrae says that it can be great for creating new opportunities and connections.

When I woke up, I definitely did feel recharged from my power nap. Though I didn't feel a noticeable difference by the end, the point of the treatment is to help you renew. So many of us are in need of a break from our busy lives that sometimes, a crystal light bath is exactly what we need to achieve a restful experience.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Yi
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