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What Doctors Do I Need to See?

A Guide to Every Doctor's Appointment You Should Make in 2020

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Prioritizing your health is a worthwhile goal for the new year, and we're not just talking about getting fit. Taking better care of yourself means making those doctor's appointments, too — a process you should start now, before the holidays ramp up.

Why the urgency? If you're seeing a new doctor, the office is likely to have only a select number of slots for new patients, with little availability for the first few months of the year. (Yes, already.) Plus, you'll have some homework to do before your appointment, explained Robert Zembroski, DC, DACNB, MS, author of REBUILD and director of the Darien Center of Functional Medicine. "Before you visit any doctor, you'll need all your current records, files, imaging studies, and any other relevant information regarding your health," he told POPSUGAR.

Use this checklist to schedule all the appointments you need, then mark them in your planner, your phone — whatever will keep you accountable.

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