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What Does Lady Gaga Eat?

We Finally Know How Lady Gaga Maintains Her Rock-Hard Abs, Even on Tour

Whether it's her rock-hard abs and ability to silence the haters after the Super Bowl or her openness about mental health, Lady Gaga is constantly impressing us. Now, her personal chef and longtime friend, Bo O'Connor, is spilling all the details on Gaga's eating habits and we finally understand how she keeps her her energy levels up, especially when she's touring all over the world.

O'Connor told Self that for Lady Gaga, it's all about planning her meals. With someone setting things aside and planning everything out, "she knows that there's no cheating." Very smart! But what about when Gaga is craving a a juicy burger during the tour?

"If she wanted a burger and fries, we wouldn't be doing fast food," O'Connor explained. "So instead, I'd make her a turkey burger, gluten-free, lots of spices, and baked sweet potato fries. At least she's feeling that she can indulge a little bit and have something similar to a real burger but is still good for you."

O'Connor has been friends with Gaga since kindergarten, which is how she knows exactly what her BFF likes to eat and what's best for her. Gaga's go-to lunch or dinner would be "something like quinoa with black beans, grilled shrimp, beautiful veggies," she explained. "We want it to be healthy, tasty, filling, nutritious, and full of fiber. Being on tour or just performing all of the time, it's exhausting. Being able to provide your body with good nutrients, including those that are in vegetables and fruit, is everything."

As Lady Gaga and her BFF/chef toured for nine months around the globe, O'Connor said she always made sure to carry around little packets of almond butter. Gaga would put it on everything, "Scandinavian crackers, bananas," and enjoy a totally satisfying snack.

We are totally impressed by the Gaga healthy lifestyle, and now it makes perfect sense!

Image Source: Getty / Dan MacMedan
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