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What to Wear For Hybrid Workouts

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Sometimes, hybrid workouts are the best workouts. If a multifunctional sweat session is on your next gym agenda, then listen up, because we've partnered with PUMA to take the guesswork out of picking the right outfit.

"I saw results by doing the same exact workout every day!" . . . said no one ever. As much as being healthy is about adopting a consistent routine — and, more importantly, a holistically mindful lifestyle — you won't achieve your desired results if you take that sentiment too literally when working up a sweat. Your body needs that variety to stay challenged and avoid fatiguing (or even injuring) one muscle group while others go unattended. But even more than that, keeping a little variation in your choice of exercises, pace, and environment can help you avoid boredom and stay motivated.

But what about when you're packing more than one activity in to the same day? That's where we come in. Ahead, we've chosen a few of our favorite ways to spend a hybrid gym session — plus helpful shopping lists that'll help you suit up for the different workouts involved.