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Who Is Tara Lipinski?

Behind the Voice of NBC's Figure Skating: 7 Facts You Need to Know About Tara Lipinski

Fans of the Olympics and Team USA might recognize a familiar voice from the broadcast booth for this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Since 2013, Tara Lipinski has been a commentator and analyst for NBC and NBC Sports, making her one of the strong voices fans of figure skating will hear during this year's competition. Many will remember that she herself was an Olympic competitor, but all of the interesting facts about her don't end there.

She's an incredible skater

Lipinski didn't just compete in figure skating, she dominated, earning a gold medal at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan, and the 1997 World Figure Skating Championship. Even more impressive was that she did it all at such a young age. At 15, she was the youngest gold medalist at both events. Combined with her powerful triples, she is one of the greatest skaters of all time.

She does more than critique figure skating

Along with her BFF and fellow figure skater Johnny Weir, Lipinski can often be seen at award shows as a fashion and lifestyle expert. She's known for her charming and upbeat personality, so fans love watching her and Weir critique the latest fashions.

She's a television producer

Lipinski is currently working on a drama with Hulu about the challenges and perseverance of figure skating. The show aims to examine what it's really like to be an Olympic athlete, and with Lipinski executive producing, it should have plenty of fodder.

She also goes by Mrs. Kapostasy

Last year, Lipinski married Fox Sports producer Todd Kapostasy in an ethereal and romantic outdoor ceremony. Their marriage was a match made in television, since they met when she presented him with a trophy at the 2015 Sports Emmy Awards.

Unsurprisingly, she's still super fit

The star sometimes posts photos on her Instagram of her workouts, and besides looking killer while doing so, she likes to remind her fans that it's all about treating yourself to some much-deserved wine and sweets as well.

She had an incredible honeymoon

Lipinski didn't let her jet-setting ways stop her from enjoying the most ridiculous honeymoon ever. Traveling the world, she and her husband got to see some of the most beautiful locations. While the average person goes to one spot, they bounced around to Vietnam, Thailand, and some of the most beautiful spots in Europe, just to name a few.

She is ready for these Olympic Games

In a touching recent Instagram post, Lipinski talks about her dream to go to the Olympics and how much it means to her that she is now a commentator. "My next dream was to be sitting in this very chair- a dream that's been a decade in the making," she wrote in her post. Keep watching the Olympics to hear Lipinski deliver on her dream.

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