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Woman Speaks Out About Having a Summer Body

Woman to Summer Advertisements: "You Won't Be F*cking With Me This Year"

Ugh. The outside pressures have been on for a while, and now that Summer is a month away, it's coming on real thick. A lot of us are feeling the stress about what to eat, how to exercise, and how to look in order to have a "beach body." Well Milly Smith says, "Hey summer diet adverts/products, just a FYI that you won't be f*cking with me this year. You've taken years of smiles from my summers. You've made me hide my body under layers. You made me ashamed. Well you can F*CK OFF this year."

It feels so good to hear someone say this out loud! Milly says, "I'll be laughing at your attempts to reel me in from behind my ice cream and pina colada. This girl ain't got time for your sh*t." Summer is about getting outside and loving life, and you can't do that if you're wasting time getting your body ready for it. You have a body, and it's ready now!

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