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Workout Pants You Can Wear to Work

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Lucy Activewear

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / RC Rivera

Ever wanted to go take a fitness class after work but forgot to bring a change of clothes? We partnered with Lucy Activewear to find three pants that do double duty.

We're all guilty of wearing exercise leggings to the office. After all, they're convenient, comfortable, and a real timesaver. And while it may mean that you're putting your health first, sometimes you're just not as well-dressed as you could be — especially when it comes to workwear. You're probably in your running shoes because that makes sense, but they're also probably decorated with dirt from the trails. And your top is either a ribbed tank top with a visible sports bra, or maybe even a hoodie. So when we came across a hybrid pant solution that turns everyday activewear into serious style, we had to share. Up ahead, we found flares, skinnies, and even a structured jogger pant that can seamlessly be worn from the office to the gym. You'd never know that these three staffers are all wearing workout pants.