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Yoga Stretches For Flexibility

Melt Into These 16 Flexibility-Boosting Yoga Poses and Unknot Muscles You Forgot You Had

Yoga Stretches For Flexibility
Image Source: Getty / Nicola Katie

As I (vividly) recall, my one and only failure in the elementary school Presidential Fitness Test was the sit-and-reach. You sit. You stretch your legs out. You reach your toes. And man, I could not do it. To this day, I can run, I can lift weights, I can swim, I can push my way through a HIIT workout until I physically collapse, but if you ask me to touch my toes? Ha.

Flexible muscles can help prevent everything from exercise-related injuries to daily aches and pains, while improving your posture and balance. Thanks to some very inconsistent yoga practice over the past few years, I have gotten somewhat more limber, but it's something I still need to work at constantly. Luckily, flexibility is something you can really improve with time and consistent practice, which is why we asked these nine yoga instructors to spell out their favorite flexibility-enhancing moves for beginners like myself, who need to take things slow and steady. You can do these stretches one by one or in a sequence, moving slowly and mindfully from pose to pose. Grab a mat or find a comfy floor, and get ready to stretch things out.

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