Your Abs Will Be Sore For Days (Maybe Weeks, TBH) After This Wall Workout Challenge

Newsflash: sculpting your midsection doesn't have to entail repetitive crunches and mind-numbing planks. It can actually be a — dare I say it? — fun process. Case in point: Jeanette Jenkins's latest ab workout challenge.

The celebrity trainer, who works with stars like Pink and Alicia Keys, just crafted a no-equipment core workout that only uses a wall to scorch both your abs and upper body, and it looks intense and super effective. Using a single wall, Jeanette goes through the following seven moves:

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Toe taps
  3. Walk out and in
  4. Alternating knee crosses
  5. Hand to opposite knee
  6. Wall planks to squat jumps
  7. Single leg wall jumps

See what I mean? You've gotta admit this routine looks pretty darn fun. Jeanette suggests doing each move for 30 to 60 seconds and repeating the cycle three times. If you're looking for a dynamic ab workout to switch things up from your usual go-to routine, give Jeanette's wall challenge a try. But beware: your abs will be practically begging for mercy by the third set. Don't say we didn't warn you!