Amy Schumer Sends a Powerful Message to Body Shamers

If you've ever experienced body shaming while shopping for clothes, know that you're not alone. In Amy Schumer's latest comedy sketch "Size 12," the comedian highlights the struggle of plus-size shoppers trying to find something in their size. When Amy holds up a black t-shirt and asks the salesperson, "Do you have this in a size 12?" The woman immediately becomes uncomfortable and asks, "Do you mean a UK 12, which is a US 8 or a Japanese 12, which is a American toddler 3?"

The scene continues as the salesperson tells Amy there is a "whole section for your situation" and brings her to an open field. Amy sees Lena Dunham, who is wearing a bulky rain jacket, hanging out with a cow. "She's shopping, it's her daughter's bat mitzvah," says Lena about the cow.

Though the entire sketch is hilariously over the top, the message Amy sends to viewers is impactful. A simple act like shopping for women who don't fit into that size 0 or even size 10 category can be devastating. And, when it comes down to it, brands should cater to all sizes and shapes while a salesperson should make customers feel comfortable and welcomed, regardless of their weight or physical appearance. Watch the sketch above, and then see Amy's response to the whole thigh-gap debate.