18 of the Most Gorgeous Places in the World to Do Yoga

Why be stuck inside a studio when you can get your zen on in the great outdoors? Beaches, mountains, caves, city streets . . . you name it, someone has Tree posed there. Take a look at these pros to get inspired for your next session.

In Front of the Ocean in Tulum, Mexico

Azulik is known for its intricate webwork of branches all over its eco resort in Tulum, Mexico, so clearly @erikaruizyoga and @blackswanyogi had to embrace the environment's natural beauty to strike this Double Headstand situation.

On Top of a Mountain in Chile

We're pretty sure we could meditate for hours if this view were in front of us. Viña Vik's Chilean setting allows for yoga by the pool, with vineyards and valleys below and gorgeous mountains in the distance, but the best time for Adho Mukha Svanasana (AKA Downward Facing Dog) is clearly sunset.

Above It All in Brooklyn, New York

Manhattan seems much easier to manage when you're standing strong on a roof at The William Vale. Breathe, stretch, repeat.

In the Antelope Canyon in Arizona

@CaleyAlyssa makes it look so easy, doesn't she? When you want over 2,000 "likes" on your Instagram post, this is where you head.

Standing on a Dirt Road in Miami

Sometimes the best photos are the most simple ones. All you need is an open path and a blue sky, according to @yhasmin_yoga.

Beneath the Moon in the Sand

@BeachYogaGirl waits for the moon on the beach before she gets into Handstand position. 🙏🏻🤸‍♀️

On Top of a Cliff in the Seychelles

Considering the Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 of some of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean (and in the world), it only makes sense to "Om" there. At Six Senses Zil Pasyon, you can have an #outoftheordinary experience on top of an oceanside cliff, with an endless stretch of white-sand beach beneath you. Just try topping that.

On the Street in Bulgaria

@AdellBridgesYoga is proof that an asana practice can also happen on the street in a busy city.

Overlooking Paris, France

@DylanWernerYoga takes his form to new heights in Paris.

Surrounded by Palm Trees in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Finding your balance and serenity are a breeze when you're surrounded by palm trees and water at the Andaz Mayakoba.

On a Ledge in the Middle of New York City

Somehow this move just seems easier when the outfit is this good, right, @meliniseri? (PS — she's wearing @aloyoga for the win.)

Next to the Ocean in Miami

"Yoga empowers and humbles you at the same time." - @HighOnYoga (And it definitely helps when you look this good doing it.)

On a Cloudy Day

@DeepikaMehtaYoga embraces the elements when she's perfecting her Bow pose.

Over the Springs in Santa Fe, New Mexico

We could spend an entire day @sunrisespringsnm when the yoga deck looks like this.

Under the Bridge in San Francisco

@JennysRituals knows the best place for #yogachallenge pics is under the bridge in San Francisco.

In the Middle of Red Rocks, Colorado

#BeloforteBabe @natalieuhling is a warrior in Warrior pose at Red Rocks.

Looking at the Water in Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Relaxing via Hero's pose when you're on one of the best beaches on the East Coast just comes naturally.