The Noom App Is Damn Effective — Just Take a Look at These Women Who All Lost Weight

You've probably seen the targeted ads for Noom on Instagram and Facebook, but may not know what it is. Noom is a weight-loss plan app designed to help you not only shed pounds, but also change your lifestyle habits to create a lifelong change. The app includes a calorie target, helpful food tracker, exercise tracker, and daily articles and quizzes to help you change your behaviors. It also includes a community aspect with a group platform where you can share your struggles and successes with other members.

That's all well and good, but does the program actually work? Evidenced by these four women who all lost weight with the help of Noom, we'd say yes! Take a look at these before-and-after weight loss stories and get inspired to sign up yourself. At the very least, these words of wisdom may prompt you to create your own healthy habits.

Allison Lost 60 Pounds

Allison told POPSUGAR that she lost her weight using the Noom app. "A year has passed since I made the best decision to change my life for the better," she wrote on Instagram.

Claire Lost Weight With Noom and a Plant-Based Diet

"I transformed my way of thinking, and I persevered when it probably would have been easier to just give up," Claire wrote in this Instagram caption. In addition to Noom and plant-based eating, she also does CrossFit.

Sarah Lost Over 50 Pounds

Sarah told POPSUGAR that she lost a total of 56 pounds with the Noom diet plan. Great job, Sarah!

"What a Difference a Year Makes"

Ashley told POPSUGAR that she lost weight with Noom starting in July of 2018 and is still going. "It has been the only diet plan that I have ever stuck with," she said.