Burn Out Your Core in 5 Minutes With the Best Quick YouTube Ab Workouts We Could Find

If you think you've done every ab workout in the book, YouTube has news for you. With as little as five minutes and a great YouTube ab workout, you can challenge and strengthen the key muscles in your midsection, paving the way for a stronger, more stable core. The best part? You only need the internet, a mat or some soft floor, and your own body weight to get the full, intense effect of these circuits. Hit play and get those abs moving.

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Five-Minute Flat Belly Abs Workout by Jake DuPree

Class FitSugar fave Jake Dupree never lets up on your abs in this fast-paced, Pilates-based bodyweight workout. Five minutes have never felt so long.

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Five-Minute Abs Workout, No Equipment Home Exercises by Koboko Fitness

If you love positive, encouraging instructors, you've got to try this ab workout from Koboko Fitness. She's energetic, supportive, and funny while giving you tips to get the most out of each move. You're going to feel your abs after this one.

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Six-Minute Standing Ab Workout by Bowflex

If you don't have a mat, carpeting, or enough room to lie down on the floor (I feel that), this standing ab workout is a great choice. There are lots of punches and kicks, so remember to engage your core for every rep to get the full benefit.

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Five-Minute Ab Express Workout by POP Pilates

This quick Pilates workout from Cassey Ho of Blogilates focuses on your obliques (the core muscles along your sides) and lower abs, finishing up with a set of leg raises that'll have your abs shaking.

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Five-Minute Lower-Abs and Obliques Workout by Class FitSugar

If you like ab exercises that are slow, simmering, and killer on your core, this is the Class FitSugar for you. Anna Renderer slows down key moves to increase the tension on your core, keeping you working with no breaks until the much-deserved stretch at the end.

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Five-Minute Ab Blitz by SweatyBetty

Packing 10 challenging exercises into just five minutes, this nonstop "ab blitz" workout sculpts every part of your core and will have you breaking a sweat by the end.

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Five-Minute Abs Toning Workout by 305 Fitness

This gorgeous workout, set to a synced-up playlist, makes you feel like you're there in class, in person, working out your abs. It ends with two full minutes of plank variations, so get ready to collapse as soon as it's over.

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Five-Minute Ab Challenge by Rebecca Louise

I love this fast five-minute workout from Rebecca Louise, which hits your core from all sides and you feel it working the whole time! When it feels like you can't do it, I recommend focusing on her adorable dogs. (One of them starts licking her face during a plank!)