How the Fastest Woman in the World Kills Every Workout

"My whole life is training." This is what Carmelita Jeter told us at a recent Nike Fuel event I attended (courtesy of Nike) when asked how things are going for her right now. Carmelita — who picked up three medals during the 2012 London Olympics — now has her focus placed firmly on the 2016 Summer Olympics, where she hopes to be on top of the podium in the 100-meter sprint.

Hearing about Carmelita's rigorous training regimen that will last for a full two years is enough to make anyone think twice about skipping a 45-minute gym session. But day in and day out, she shows up — spending up to three hours on the track and two hours in the weight room, Carmelita is unwavering in her commitment. And even on those days she is not feeling it, quitting is not an option. "No one is going to guarantee you a spot on the Olympic team. Whatever workout my coach gives me, I'm trying to beast it. My mind-set is beastmode," she says.

We've all been there: wanting to walk out of a class or maybe never even making it into the gym. There's a lesson to be learned in Carmelita's perseverance. "My mind-set is to kill every workout," she says. "Wake up in the morning and tell yourself you're going to kill it. If that's your mentality, sky's the limit." The next time you feel like you can't go deeper into that squat or walking off a treadmill before even starting, remember these words from Carmelita and just "beast it."