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The 10 Best Sleep-Tracking Apps

The 10 Best Sleep-Tracking Apps That Will Help You Feel Well-Rested in the Morning

The 10 Best Sleep-Tracking Apps
Image Source: Getty / Oliver Rossi

Sleeping has so many health benefits, so why is it so hard to commit to a healthy sleep schedule? When my doctor recently asked if I ever felt tired, I told her no . . . because I drink tons of coffee throughout the day. That prompted me to pay a little closer attention to my sleeping schedule, and I discovered I was getting six hours of sleep a night, on average. That is definitely not ideal!

To get a better handle on your sleeping habits — especially if you have insomnia, wake up in the middle of the night, snore, have night terrors, or just can't remember what time you went to bed — download a sleep-tracking app! These apps will monitor your sleep patterns for you, helping you to keep track of your zzz's and reach your goals. Find 10 of the best sleep-tracking apps in the slides ahead. You'll feel well-rested in no time!

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