Anxious Before Bed? Calm Down and Loosen Up With These 8 Restorative YouTube Yoga Classes

POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Kelly
POPSUGAR Photography | Matthew Kelly

I'm not big on working out at night (it's a whole thing where I get sweaty, then I have to shower, then I go to bed with my hair wet and wake up with it looking like an avant-garde sculpture), but the one thing I will do is a slow, relaxing yoga flow, especially when I'm feeling wired or anxious. The mindful movement and breathwork help to calm my thoughts and bring me back to the present from whatever stressed-out mental track I've wandered down. The stretching component does the same for my body, releasing tension from muscles that were crunched up all day at work or pushed to the limit during a workout.

Ahead, we've rounded up eight bedtime yoga sequences designed with these goals in mind to help you calm your thoughts, loosen up your body, and wind down toward sleep. They're all on YouTube, so you can queue up one while you're brushing your teeth and complete it right before shutting off the lights. Enjoy the deep breathing, the meditative mindset, and the physical release of each pose, and let the calm that follows help you drift off to sleep.

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Yoga For Bedtime: 20 Minute Practice by Yoga With Adriene

This gentle flow begins with four minutes of small, simple cross-legged movements so you can truly connect with your breath and calm your mind.

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Yoga For a Relaxing Night's Sleep by Jessica Richburg

You can flow through this quiet practice on your mat or right in your bed. Along with classic yoga stretches and poses, it includes some simple massages to release tension throughout your upper body.

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Bedtime Yoga: Gentle Yoga With Deep Sleep Music to Relax & Unwind by Boho Beautiful

This atmospheric class incorporates more stretchy poses, so it's a good choice if you are feeling a little sore or just want more movement at the end of your day.

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Yoga For Sleep With Emma Ceolin by Yogaventures

Australian yoga instructor Emma Ceolin leads this slow, gentle class from bed, using pillows as props. You'll finish with Legs Up the Wall, a relaxing inversion to promote blood flow, muscle relaxation, and calming thoughts.

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10-Minute Evening Yoga Stretch: Bedtime Yoga For Beginners by Yoga With Kassandra

This quick, 10-minute practice focuses on releasing tension from your upper body, back, and hips to help you get calm, comfortable, and ready for sleep.

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Yoga For Better Sleep by Amanda Bisk

This 20-minute practice maintains a focus on slowing everything down: your movements, your breath, and your thoughts. You'll tune into your body while moving mindfully through postures like Cat-Cow, Child's Pose, and Half-Splits.

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Yoga For Sleep and Relaxation: Restorative Yoga by Yoga With Bird

This 14-minute practice is full of gentle, side-to-side movements, like slow torso sways to reclining knee drops, so it feels like you're rocking yourself to sleep.

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Wind Down Yoga: 12 Minute Bedtime Yoga by Yoga With Adriene

This wind-down practice from Yoga With Adriene focuses on slowly melting you into each posture. You'll have enough time in each pose to fully engage with your breath and allow your body to relax after a long day.