After 3 Years, The Biggest Loser Is Coming Back With a "Completely Different" Approach

After a three-year hiatus, The Biggest Loser is returning with a familiar face as its host. On Aug. 2, Bob Harper appeared on The Today Show to announce that new episodes of the weight-loss competition show, which originally ran from 2004 to 2016, would be coming to USA Network in 2020. The personal trainer said, "We're going to have new trainers. We're going to have a new medical team. This show is going to be bigger and better than ever."

Whereas actress Alison Sweeney hosted a majority of the previous seasons, Bob hosted the final 17th season after serving as a trainer in every prior season. The following year, he suffered a major heart attack, which he said changed everything. Bob told POPSUGAR in 2017, "It's like a metamorphosis; it's self-discovery." He added, "I was the one that was working out in the gym, just to the point of falling on the ground. And now I'm not really approaching my fitness that way anymore. It feels new."

"We're trying to approach it in a completely different way."

It seems the show will be evolving, too. When asked to address criticism of The Biggest Loser and its extreme methods, Bob said, "We're trying to approach it in a completely different way. We want to help them while they're on the show, and when they go home." He added, "The after-care is going to be super important for them too, because you come on to our show and you're learning so much, and then whenever it's time for you to go back home, it can be a really hard adjustment." Watch the announcement above, and stay tuned for more details about the reboot.