These 9 Workouts Show Exactly How Strong Brie Larson Got For Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the first Marvel film to feature a female superhero as the lead, and we are so here for it. We've followed along with Brie Larson's journey to becoming Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, and damn, she inspires us to go even harder at the gym.

The workouts Brie did to prepare for the movie were quite insane — what, you don't push a 5,000-pound truck to train? To get you pumped for the release of Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019, we've rounded up Brie's most intense workouts.

She Pushed a 5,000-Pound Jeep and Made It Look Extremely Easy

As If Push-Ups Weren't Already Hard, Brie Upgraded Them by Adding Heavy Chains

She Also Did 275-Pound Hip Thrusts . . . and Celebrated With a Cookie After

Don't Forget How She Defied Gravity in This Rock-Climbing Video

Then She Did One of the Hardest Ab Exercises and Treated Herself to a Donut Afterward

And She Gave Us Front-Row Tickets to See Her Insane Back Muscles With This Posture-Enhancing Exercise

Followed by More Extremely Heavy Hip Thrusts

And of Course, She Conquered Pull-Ups