7 Workouts From Instagram That Will Kick — and Shape — Your Booty

If you looked on my "saved" tab on Instagram, you'd see a lot of cats and even more booty workouts (the former is cuter than the latter, and both are good for my health). Sure, there are tons of routines you can find on YouTube — and we mean tons — but it's good to know that, while scrolling through your feed at night, you can plan your next glute burn. Whenever I need inspiration, I go to Instagram workouts from reliable trainers and/or athletes and follow along on my own.

Here's a pro tip: before you start a workout that you got from Instagram at the gym, look through the exercises to see the proper form for each, and then write down the moves on a piece of paper so you don't have to keep checking your phone. If you're at home, try pulling it up on your laptop. It's easier to follow along on a bigger screen there, though you can still write out the reps and sets if you want. Ahead, check out booty workouts straight from the selfie social media platform of the world, Instagram. All but one were created by certified trainers (I also include an Olympic gymnast's butt workout that I like). Some require little equipment and others require access to a barbell, kettlebell, and/or dumbbells. And when you're done browsing, check out these expert accounts to follow.


SugarySixPack Glutes and Legs Chair Workout

This superset workout from Niki, known as SugarySixPack, uses two 25-pound dumbbells (or dumbbells of your choice) and a chair that's sturdy enough for step-ups. You'll also be doing Bulgarian split squats as well as what she calls "single sit squats" and more. Note: she demonstrates the moves with a single dumbbell but says you'll need two. Do each superset for three rounds before moving to the next. Reps range from 10 to 15.


Jeannette Jenkins 8-Exercise Floor Booty Workout

We've featured Jeannette Jenkins's workouts before (like this routine that uses a bench), and she's also been on Class FitSugar to teach kick-butt sweat sessions. This sequence features eight exercises such as fire hydrant to back kick, extended leg lifts, and glute bridge pulses. You're going to do 15 to 25 reps of each move and hold the isometric exercises for 30 seconds. Complete up to two rounds.


Alicia Sacramone Anywhere Bodyweight Butt Workout

This butt workout from Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone Quinn absolutely burns (trust me — I tried it). You'll be doing each exercise for three sets of 30 seconds. My favorite is the side elbow plank with front and back circles. Plus, these moves will target your core a bit!


Lita Lewis Kettlebell Workout For Glutes and Quads

Lita brings us a high-rep, high-volume workout using a kettlebell. Reps range from 15 to 30, and she does four rounds. Those assisted single-leg deadlifts with a 35-pound weight look like a real challenge! (Note: if you can't use 35 pounds, choose the weight that works for you.)


Kim French Banded Home Glute Workout

Kim has some great booty band workout routines on her Instagram feed. For this one, you'll do single-leg glute bridges, single-leg abductions, squat jumps, and other moves. Reps range from eight to 12, and the goal is to complete four rounds.


Megan Roup Weighted Booty Sequence

Megan Roup, known for her signature dance and toning class, The Sculpt Society, brings us a combo that she says is great to try at home with or without ankle weights and a booty band. Four to eight reps on each side for most of these exercises doesn't sound too hard, but I've taken her class before, and it burns! (Especially those lunge pulses and curtsy lunges.)


Ajahzi Gardner Gym Hamstring and Glutes Workout

Ajahzi gives us a gym workout that's all about the hamstrings and glutes. It only consists of four sets each of four exercises — barbell deadlifts (12 reps), dumbbell Bulgarian split squats (eight reps each leg), kettlebell Romanian deadlift + squat (eight reps), and kettlebell Romanian deadlift (12 reps) — but it promises to target that booty.