Learn How Carrie Underwood Wakes Up With a Flat Belly

With a 10-month-old son, an upcoming album, and an activewear line, it seems as though Carrie Underwood can do it all. We know what it takes to get that rocking figure and clearly, her postbaby body tells all. At 32, Carrie takes serious care of herself, whether it's finishing up Tabata paired with a three-mile run or squeezing in a workout at the playground. So it's no wonder she's the covergirl of Shape magazine's November issue, to hit newsstands on Oct. 20. Read on for quotes from the country superstar on flat belly-tips, postpartum weight, and more.

On her postbaby weight: “After I had Isaiah, my goal was to take control of my body again. I was lucky: I gained only 30 pounds, which is the recommended amount, and I exercised throughout my pregnancy. I did have a C-section, which meant waiting six weeks before working out. Within 20 days, though, I was able to begin walking slowly on the treadmill and around my neighborhood. It felt so good to be active! Now we box and we hike trails, among other things. I like to continually mix up my routines to stay motivated.”

On how she gets her figure: “My favorite workout is Tabata, which I can do at home in about a half hour. I’m in love with it! It’s hard, but it really works. I choose seven different exercises, like squats, lunges, or pushups, and do eight rounds of each – 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off for eight rounds. It really revs up my metabolism. When I’m done, I can handle anything.”

On waking up with a flat belly: “I’m vegan and I love bread, but recently, I started making dinner a breadless meal. I’ll have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and I’ll make a sandwich on Ezekiel bread for lunch, but in the evening I’ll have protein and vegetables and no bread. When I wake up, my belly is flat!”

On what she looks for in activewear: “Since I exercise almost every day, I like wearing clothes that look just as good on the street as they do at the gym. I’ve always been an athletic-wear fanatic, but everything I owned was either super-functional and not cute, or really frilly and not right for my workout. I need exercise clothing that I can actually work out in but that also looks great if I meet a friend for coffee afterward. That’s why I created Calia . . . and now I wear it everywhere.”

On staying balanced: “I think it’s important to sit quietly every day for 10 minutes. In the morning, I enjoy my cup of coffee and plan the day in my head to be ready for it. And sometimes at night, I sip a glass of red wine and just relax. I’ve learned to give myself a break.”