Cheese-Lovers, This Cheat Sheet Compares the Calories of Your Favorite Varieties

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good cheese board. Even if my body is screaming "stop," this is the one exception I'll ignore any signs of intolerance. If you're a lover of all cheeses like I am and you're curious where your favorites stand calorie-wise, online personal trainer Graeme Tomlinson created a little cheat sheet just for you.

Since cheeses are essentially blocks of delicious calories, he broke down the calories of 12 varieties in case you're trying to watch your caloric intake. "If aspiring to a particular body composition, it is definitely a good idea to at least be aware of the calorie values of the food you consume," Graeme wrote in his caption.

Cottage cheese contains the fewest number of calories at 105 while cheddar ranked the highest at 415. I was actually surprised to see Parmesan top Brie by 55 calories. See his chart above to see the rest!