The Moving Story Behind a Paralyzed Woman Who Just Completed a Half Marathon

Claire Lomas was competing at an equestrian event when she hit a tree and subsequently broke her ribs, punctured her lungs, and suffered a spinal injury that would cause her to be indefinitely paralyzed. She was 27. Nearly 10 years later, Claire continues to push herself athletically, and she just completed the Great North Run half marathon while wearing a ReWalk bionic suit.

The ReWalk exoskeletal suit uses motion sensors to help Claire lift up her legs and walk. It is, however, still a difficult task for Claire who must then channel all of her energy into the parts of her body that aren't paralyzed to get the ReWalk going. With the help of her husband, Dan, Claire walked three miles a day and was able to finish the race in five days. Oh, and she's pregnant.

The brilliant @claire80lomas is on the move - not far to go now! #ClairesWalk

— Great Run (@Great_Run) September 11, 2016

While training for the Great North Run, Claire discovered she was pregnant while also suffering from severe motion sickness. At the time of the race, she was about four months pregnant.

It has been a tough day! I have made it to the 12 mile point. Also time 2tell u I am 16 weeks pregnant!#ClairesWalk

— Claire Lomas (@claire80lomas) September 10, 2016

Claire spoke to BBC about the incredible feat and her difficult training experience. She said, "I had quite a lot of morning sickness. I didn't have the lead-up I wanted, but I really did not want to lose this opportunity." She also noted, "It's taken some learning. It's not just physical work, it's the concentration with every step."

"I'm so, so tired." "Bionic" woman Claire Lomas completes the Great North Run in five days.

— BBC Leicester (@BBCLeicester) September 12, 2016