5 Common Lies We Tell Ourselves When Trying to Lose Weight

When trying a diet, as you're attempting to stick to a program, it's not unusual to tell yourself little "lies" to either feel better about your choices or to make excuses for why you haven't fully committed to getting the body you've dreamed of. And I'm not talking about becoming a supermodel overnight. But it's not surprising to hear folks tell themselves little "lies" to compensate for not being where they want to be fitness-wise.

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Here are some common "lies" you might get caught up in as you attempt to make a "new you" for 2016, and some tips to stop the BS — so you can start dealing with the truth and rock a more fit you in the New Year.

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1. The Excuses Lie

This is a favorite one: "It's okay if I ate junk the past few days because this weekend . . ."

Having a cheat day or a small treat daily is a wonderful way to enjoy life yet stick to a healthy eating plan. However, if you're telling yourself it's OK to binge because somehow you'll exercise enough to make up for a junk-food bender, this is a harmful lie on many levels.

First, it's OK to have a cheat day or a small daily treat, but days and days of junk isn't good for your system, period. It also sets up a bad pattern: junk, junk, junk, and then a frantic panic to make up for this, which can lead to undereating or over-exercising, both of which are bad habits.

What to Do: If you find yourself engaged in this lie frequently, start to track when you're having these junky periods. It may be tied to work stress or emotional matters. Once you see a pattern emerge, rather going on a Ben & Jerry's binge to cope with your stress, you can plan to stave of the bender by packing extra healthy snacks at work and enlisting some emotional support from friends and family.

Get tech friendly and track your daily diet and workout routine on any number of fitness apps. If you're into technology, utilize one and enlist a buddy who you can work on mutual fitness goals together. Two minds are better than one.

Pencil in your cheat days. Having one is a great way to allow yourself to indulge and let loose a bit without giving into those treats on a daily basis.

It makes you accountable for the other days of the week at a higher level. Why would you "binge" on a Monday if you know that in a few short days on Friday, you've got your cheat day?

2. The Debbie Downer Lie

These are the lies you tell yourself when making excuses for not having the body you want.

"I had a baby — I will never look as good as I did."

"I'm just never going to lose the last ten pounds. "

"I'm not a runner. I could never run a 5K."

"It's just how I'm built."

What to Do: Yes, our body types have pros and cons, but to simply not try and give up before you even have started is too fatalistic. Committing to lose weight is worth it because at the end of the day, what do you gain? You gain so much: you feel better in your clothing, you wake up with more energy, if you're a parent you've got the pep to run after your kids, and for all of us, when swimsuit season time comes, you're ready to hit the beach without wearing that t-shirt or gigantic cover up. Will I ever be a runway model at 5'2? No, but I am fit, healthy, and happy with how I look. I highlight the body parts that work well for me, like my legs, and work what I've got. Stop comparing yourself to others and show off the high points of your body type that you've been given. We've all got something beautiful about us — believe and you will achieve!

3. The "Beverages Don't Count" Lie

People forget to count those beverages. Everything you take in counts.

Those flavored lattes? A powerful amount of ingredients and calories that add up. Let's not forget that glass of wine you have each night or the lunchtime sodas. Even if you're rocking a kale salad with grilled chicken and some fruit for a snack, what you're sipping on could be preventing you from dropping pounds.

What to Do: How do you beat this beast? Pay attention to what you drink and while water isn't magic, staying hydrated and drinking enough water can help you stay fuller longer. If you hate water, try flavored waters and/or drinking through a straw. You may be apt to ingest more water when drinking with a straw. I swear by it!

4. The Scale Means Everything Lie

You look at the scale and see a number you don't like. This either fuels tears or a panicky feeling to avoid the next meal.

Stop it!

The scale may be exact if it's calibrated right, but the scale lies unless you've got one that weighs body fat too.

What to Do: Remember — the scale won't tell you how much muscle you're building or if you feel good in your own skin. Your scale can't tell you if you pulled some serious bench presses off, and it can't tell you if your clothes fit properly.

This isn't to say you should ignore your scale but that it shouldn't be the answer to how you feel about your fitness and health.

5. The "I'm Hungry" Lie

You think you're hungry but the bottom line is you're:



-Skipped a meal (and are about to go on a hardcore eating binge)


What to Do: Time and time again when I get fatigued, I want to eat the world and then some. Note when you are the hungriest and start to see if you notice any patterns as to when you're ready to eat a small child. You may see that you're not hungry but really just need a nap!

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you're simply warming up or already a pro, cut out the lies you're telling yourself and start holding yourself accountable and you'll get the results you want in 2016!