Dr. Fauci Explains the 5 Steps We Need to Take to Avoid a National Lockdown

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In a Good Morning America interview with Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, GMA anchor Robin Roberts mentions that November could be the worst month to date for fighting the coronavirus. Dr. Fauci explains the steps we should take to slow down the surge in coronavirus cases and to avoid a national lockdown.

It's nothing new we haven't heard before, but he recommends "doubling down" on: universal and uniform wearing of masks, avoiding situations congregating in crowds, keeping physical distance, doing things outdoors rather than indoors even as the weather gets colder, and washing your hands as frequently as you can. Dr. Fauci said that even though we're facing a difficult challenge with the uptick in coronavirus cases, that we know from experience that these measures definitely make a difference.

If the trials for the coronavirus vaccine go well, Fauci said it should begin rolling out in December to essential healthcare workers and those who are highly vulnerable, and hopes by the end of April, May, or June, the average citizen should be able to get it.

"Help is really on the way," Dr. Fauci said. If we can just "hang in there" and perform these health measures well until the vaccine is available in the winter leading into the spring, we can avoid a national lockdown and the psychological and economic implications it could cause. He said, "We're going to get this under control. I promise you."